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The Best Backend Strategies. As mentioned above, one of the most valuable things you can learn from Anik Singal are his backend strategies. These are the techniques that set him apart from other marketers. If you are going to be a successful marketer, you need to learn how to be competitive.Anik Singal is the founder and CEO of Lurn, Inc. He is widely considered, by the industry, as one of today’s most successful email marketers and digital publishing experts. BusinessWeek recognized Anik in the Top 3 of the Best U.S. Entrepreneurs Under 25. He is an Inc500 CEO, listed 2-times among the fastest growing companies in America.The results were far beyond anything I could have ever imagined. In just 5 months, Anik helped me build my brand, grow my list of active prospects and customers, and $1.4 million *and the sales are STILL coming in)!Today, I am happy to bring to you, Anik Singal. He is the CEO of LURN and author of the bestselling book, The Circle of Profit. Robert Kiyosaki (Author of the NY Times Bestseller, Rich Dad Poor Dad).Ideas, strategies and formulas that will HURT your business more than help it (believe me, I’ve tried a countless number of them)! I’ve seen firsthand, too many people invest absurd amounts of time and money into resources that will never work, and it breaks my heart.. ANIK SINGAL Dreamer.

Original video found at Messenger founded by jaya kishore reddy, Rashid Khan, Anik Das and Raghu Ravinutala is a chatbot platform. by the company coalition house which can be integrated with the backend software,Another favorite story of mine comes from Anik Singal. Singal was a kid who just wanted to prove he had what it took to “make it” as an entrepreneur, experimenting with digital marketing for 18 months.How to use the tools and resources that Anik Singal uses, to create products faster and more efficiently. – How to design a backend to maximize profits per customer. Drawing on her own experience in.The Web’s Most Popular internet marketing courses: anik singal backend Strategies. There are thousands of internet marketing course providers in operation nowadays, which means that it can be hard to know which course to enroll on.