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This video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjM31WC11TY, can also be seen at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3O6Y9kUMaUwxpd0eEN0YBg.I too have lost to the amazon survey scam took the survey the said pick from one of 3 items 2 Knick knacks and a watch I picked the watch they said I have to pay $7.50 shipping I said ok that’s how they got my credit card a few days later I heard on the news about someone else getting scammed by this same thing so I went to my card and stopped payment on $7.50 and latter they socked me for.Comments: These guys were real fighters. Since Bashneft is under Rosneft it was really easy to confirm that Bashneft doesn’t issue mandate letters nor export. This document was also sent to fraud department of Rosneft where they confirmed it to be fake. Bratskekogaz. Comments: The company is 100% real but this offer is not.Be Wary of ‘Order Confirmation’ Emails. If you receive an email this holiday season asking you to "confirm" an online e-commerce order or package shipment, please resist the urge to click.Apple customers are being targeted in yet another phishing scam. Bogus "Welcome to iCloud" scam emails are currently hitting inboxes. The messages claim that Apple was unable to confirm your account information and warn that your account has been suspended pending resolution of the problem. Report continued below.Welcome to the Oregon FBI’s Tech Tuesday segment. This week: Building a digital defense against payroll phishing scams. The FBI’s Internet Crime. will be asked to enter his work credentials to.Be on the lookout for phony phone number scams Google Help Forums, beware of internet-connected robot vacuum cleaners and are you sure that’s a bug? Welcome to Cyber Security. a Google press.Beware this online shopping scam: Fake order confirmations. It is understandable that you might be expecting order confirmation emails, and shipping notifications this time of year, but exercise caution when you receive them. legitimate businesses shouldn’t be asking you to click links or open file attachments.email scam asking to verify account. DO NOT OPEN PAYPAL THROUGH THE EMAIL! Open your PayPal in a new browser window and sign in as normal to check if the email is true. In this case it wasn’t. For example they addressed me as ‘dear client’ – all in lower case. Red flag to a bull as PayPal always uses your proper name.